9 Effective Ways to Earn Money as a Web Designer

There is no doubt that working as a professional web designer is an exciting as well as a highly rewarding career. If you try, you can earn more than six figures in a year. And the advancement of technology has made it easier to make money with web designing. If you are new to this field and looking for some effective and proven way to make money while working as a web designer, then have a look at the below-mentioned points.

Start Working for a Web Design Agency

One of the most popular ways to make money as a web designer is by working for a design agency. While working with a web design agency, you will be assigned responsibilities to design websites for different clients. Besides, while working for a company, you will get a fixed salary every month, and you can also get some other benefits, such as bonuses, health insurance from the company, paid time off, and more.

Selling Different Products

Well, you can also earn money by selling related products. For example, you can offer web designing templates, online courses, tools, and more. Just create your own website and list the products there, and don’t forget to explain the benefits of every product properly. You can take advantage of today’s high-demand graphics, templates, and landing pages. If you can manage it properly, you can earn huge profits.

Work As a Plugin Developer

Most website owners are now using different types of plugins to keep their websites running smoothly while enjoying a better ranking. If you have the necessary coding experience and know WordPress basics, you can develop the plugins. But you should understand how to market it. Experts suggest creating a free and a premium version. In terms of pricing, you can go for yearly or monthly subscriptions.

You Can Work as a Freelance Web Designer

If you don’t like the 9-5 job and want to work for yourself, then this can be an excellent option for you. In fact, some web designers have found this the easiest and fastest way to enter this field. However, before opting for this, you should keep in mind that here you will have to handle some additional tasks, like writing contracts, finding new clients, preparing and sending invoices, and more. Well, this may seem a little challenging, but by working as a freelance web designer, you can enjoy a great level of flexibility over the project’s types.

Starting Your Own Agency!

If you think you can perform much better than your boss and havethe skills to manage a team, you can think about starting your own agency. Here, you can hire others who will work for you. When you have your own company, you will have the freedom to work in your own way. But make sure that you have a good business plan for this.

Develop and Sell Websites

If you think you are not getting enough clients, then you can use your skill and develop websites and sell them. With this, you can attract business owners or individuals looking for ready-made websites that they can use after making some changes. Just make sure that you are selling an SEO-friendly website.

Write For Design Blogs

If you have great writing skills, you can begin work as a freelance writer. By writing for other web design blogs, you can enjoy great benefits, like you can develop a solid network and can have a market that will use your content. On the other hand, you can even get money for your blogs. Well, if you are doing a full-time job, then you can consider this as a side-hustle.

Upsell Your Clients

As per some web designers, there is no better and easier way to increase your income than to upsell your clients. Along with the basic services, you can also offer other services like website security, website maintenance, upgrades, Google Analytics, and more. This way you can earn money from your old clients.

By Selling Some Relevant Service

A great part of being a website designer is that there are a lot of complementary services that you can opt for. Through this, you can help others to promote their business. For example, SEO, print products, logo design, PPC or paid ad campaigns, Facebook ads, social media marketing, and more. Even if you don’t have such skills, you can partner with others and share the profit. It may take time, but you can earn better through this. If you have just completed your web designing courses and are looking for some profitable and easy way to earn money using your skills, then you can always use any of the above-mentioned ways. It all depends on your personal preference. But you should not stop learning more as it will bring more opportunities for you.

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