Training Process

How We Work

Personal Mentoring

All our courses work on a common model where we offer our students the benefit of one-to-one mentoring. Thus, enrolling in any of our courses would mean getting guidance from our faculty members and instructors who bring their battle-tested feedback, industry-relevant strategies, and on-trend tips and tricks to help your career trajectory. And it’s our personal mentoring model that has made us the Best IT training institute in Jaipur with successfully placed students with both local and global organizations and businesses.

Career Coach

Our expert faculty members act as career coaches to counsel our students on different aspects, right from career planning and resume writing to job interviews and salary negotiation skills. These experts will also help you become aware of the best practices in the industry. From every step of your learning and hands-on training to landing that dream job, our career coaches would help you with their experience, foresight, and motivation, thus aligning your career goals with your values, goals, and acquired skills.


From our web design and web development courses in Jaipur to our digital marketing modules and SEO training in Jaipur, we offer you unmatched peer support and guidance. Learn valuable lessons and get useful insights from peers who understand what it means to walk in your shoes and know the pain-points well to brainstorm and help you find the best solutions to overcome them. We have designed our peer program to let you leverage the best potential of our peer-led teams.

Success Manager

At Web Matrix Pro, we’re 100% committed to your success. That’s because your success stories stand testimony to our claim of helping job aspirants with some of the best courses to help them put their best foot forward. With the guidance and support of our success manager, you’ll learn to analyze your assessment results, performance metrics, feedback on real-life projects, etc. to understand what it takes to meet your employer’s business goals successfully. You’ll also get to benefit from our success manager’s added insights to better your performance, which will have a significant impact on your career.

Course Training

All our course modules are uniquely tailored to meet modern industry trends and needs, thus empowering you with the right set of learning, skills, and tools to step into the real world with confidence. From in-person interactive classes and highly targeted workshops to live training, real-life projects, mock sessions, frequent evaluation and feedback, among others, we help you get industry-ready and thrive in your chosen field. And perhaps our laser-focused approach and result-driven courses are responsible for us becoming the best IT training institute in Jaipur.

Get Industry-Ready

To thrive in your chosen field, you need to understand the market needs and demands. Additionally, you should have the necessary professional skills and industry readiness to handle the responsibilities of your job. All our courses are designed to help you with these aspects. Carefully crafted by industry experts, our courses aim to bridge the talent gap between training institutes and the industry by educating and mentoring young graduate aspirants. Thus, apart from learning technical skills, you’ll also get extensive and holistic training to develop and hone your interpersonal skills, which would give your confidence a big boost and get you industry-ready.


After you pass the examination conducted by us, you’ll be awarded a formal ‘Web Matrix Pro certificate’ that will stand testimony to your possession of the requisite skill sets and technical knowledge. Armed with this certification and the resultant confidence, you’ll be ready to make your career in the desired field and even enjoy enhanced career prospects.

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